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  • 1400
  • Alter – 24
  • Größe – 166
  • Gewicht – 65
In July 2019, I left everything I knew and loved back home in Australia to seek a new and thrilling European lifestyle in a city that lives and breathes freedom of expression, autonomy, art, music, food and culture - something that was deeply missing back home. When we meet, I trust you will firstly notice a curvaceous yet proportioned silhouette, paired beautifully with my naturally large breasts and thick thighs which will likely have you racing to get to dessert. You'll be greeted by a spine tingling, cultivated yet seductive Australian accent, with a friendly demeanour and an ambition to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed by your next breath. Just how your perfect companion should be. My name is Matilda, or you can call me Tilly if you prefer. You will notice I don't look like your typical Australian woman thanks to my part Lebanese background. My hair is naturally brunette and curly, however I'm enjoying living this part of my life as a blonde bombshell with straightened and styled hair that sits past my shoulders. My heritage also gifted me with immensely arched eyebrows which perfectly complement my mischievous nature, cheeky hazel eyes and plump kissable lips. At 24 years old, I have grown into a confident, passionate, sensual and intelligent young woman. I enjoy having fun and not taking life too seriously which accompanies perfectly with the full girlfriend experience I offer. I'm attracted to men and women who can invigorate me sexually and intellectually. I love travelling, eating delicious fresh food, tasting different wines, crafts brews and spirits and browsing the range of luxury lingerie this world has to offer. I long for enchanting experiences in this double life I lead, meeting intellectual equals along the way. I not only seek, but also provide glimmers of freedom, autonomy, vitality and sexual intensity - things we may lose in ourselves when becoming so absorbed in our everyday lives. In any social encounter, my goal is to make the people around me comfortable enough to show their most authentic self. My open mindedness comes from my newly explored avenue of polygamous open relationships. While this double life is thrilling, my life outside of escorting and its balance is most important to me. Please understand this is why my tattoos and face have been blurred out of photos and why I request that longer duration bookings should be negotiated with a respectable amount of notice. I am a firm believer for both of our benefits in 100% safe sex and I do reserve the right to politely reject any acts or environments that I am not fully comfortable with. Are you looking for a fun, squishy, free spirit to bring your wildest dreams to fruition? Lets go.

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